DVD VIdeo Scam Everlasting Media everlastingmedia.com Earl Thurston

Ashburn, Virginia 1 comment
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I had a large collection of home videos on VHS format and I brought them to Earl. He charged me $800 dollars for the work which was never done. I called and called and only got his machine. I am out my money and all my videos. This guy is a big scammer

When I finally did get him on the phone he was completly rude to me and told me basicly to go screw myself. I am not a young person and I cannot afford to fight him. I am very depressed over this. I hope others that read this understand what they are dealing with

Earl Thurston also runs doctorscorecard.com and there is a lot about him scamming people with this also.



The above comment is an extortion attempt against Earl Thurston and DoctorScorecard.com.The motive is to get Earl Thurston to delete comments written about a specific doctor.

Earl refuses to remove comments written by legitimate patients or ex-employees of the doctor.See the other side of the story at DoctorScorecard.com/blog

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